How To Use HTML5 Video for WordPress

The HTML5 Video plugin allows you to upload video files directly to WordPress in much the same way you would upload them to YouTube. All the details are taken care of for you.

Before you can upload video make sure that you have your HTML5 Video settings and Zencoder settings setup properly.

Video plugin for products

On the WordPress website you can choose from multiple video plugins that you can use for your video tab. The best video plugin for placing videos with your products is the WooCommerce HTML 5 Video plugin . If your website uses the WP e-Commerce plugin, it is advisable to download this plugin: WP e-Commerce Products Video .

Free video plugin WooCommerce

Do you have a website that uses WooCommerce and do not want to pay for a video plugin. Then you can download this plugin . This plugin has been developed by Webilop and can also be downloaded from the Webilop website . If you use this plugin you will automatically receive an extra input field when adding a product. You can then easily add an html (iframe) to your product page.

You can’t figure out how to use the video plugin with a product. Then leave a comment and we will try to provide an answer as soon as possible.

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